Infographic: Older travellers are more adventurous, says survey

Mature travellers – those over 55 – are three times more adventurous in their choice of destination than 35 years ago, a new survey reveals. They are also the age group most likely to go on holiday every year.

It seems that ’empty-nesters’ with more disposable income, and with career breaks becoming more acceptable (rather than career suicide), means the over 55s can make those ‘itchy feet’ dreams a reality. Gap years, globe-trotting, exotic destinations, and adventurous activities are not the preserve of the young and responsibility-free!

The survey, commissioned by Titan Travel, looked at the changing face of UK travel from the 1970s to today. It seems people’s horizons really are being broadened – one in ten Brits believe we’ll be holidaying in space in 35 years time!

Take a look at the ‘Travel: Then and Now’ infographic for some more travel stats…

Travel: Then and Now, Infographic