Sponsored Video: The Weather Channel launches new wildlife series

Here at Goodtrippers, we want to hear more about courageous eco activists standing up and fighting for endangered species. So we were more than intrigued when we received news of The Weather Channel’s brand new series ‘Brink’.

Brink 3‘Brink’, the first series to premiere on the HD online channel ‘Weather Films’, follows the tales of six eco heroes battling to save species and habitats from extinction – from the ice-floes of New Foundland to the jungle of South America.

The short films, all around three minutes long making them perfect to catch during a tea-break or on your journey to work, include stunning imagery of our natural world. But beware – these stories can’t help but move you if you care about wildlife. Sadly, a lot of the stories derive from human’s desire for animal meat, fur or other derivatives. But all the films are ultimately positive – there are brave people out there who care enough to do something extraordinary to help our animal cousins.

The six episodes, available to view now, include:

Episode 1 – ‘A Boy’s Promise’

Striving to save the Central and South American jaguar.

Episode 2 – ‘Caged for Nothing’

Rescuing moon bears caged in an illegal bear farm in China.Brink 5

Episode 3 – ‘Public Slaughter’

Battling the seal hunters in Canada.

Episode 4 – ‘Poacher Hell’

Protecting the black rhino against poachers in Africa.

Episode 5 – ‘Dolphins for Dinner’

Ending the dolphin slaughter in Japan.

Episode 6 – ‘It’s About Love’

Saving sea turtles in Mexico.

Hopefully, each of these short videos will highlight a conservation issue that you can help support, or at least be aware of the next time you visit that country.

You can view The Weather Channel’s series ‘Brink’ online here, or watch on your smartphone or tablet here.

This post is sponsored by The Weather Channel, but all editorial views are Goodtrippers’ own.

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