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Eco style at Malta’s oldest luxury hotel

(This post is sponsored by Hotel Phoenicia) Guest blogger Nikki Schinas reviews a luxurious eco-friendly stay at Malta’s oldest 5-star hotel.

Amidst the stress of work and winter routine, one could always do with a short relaxing break and escape to a warmer climate. I recently did so and treated myself to a luxurious stay at the 5 Star Hotel Phoenicia in Malta.

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Hotel Phoenicia, the island’s oldest luxury five star hotel is situated at the entrance of a unique UNESCO World Heritage site, Malta’s capital city, Valletta. This 450 year old city is teaming with culture and has a colourful and exciting history to tell. With grand fortifications, baroque architecture, old theatres and magnificent churches, I was never at a loss for what to do.

The hotel proudly welcomes you on entrance to the city and invites you to a comfortable and eco-friendly stay.


The Hotel Phoenicia boasts 128 guest rooms and 8 suites. Each room was designed with a touch of class, contemporary elegance and a sense of history to compliment the magnificent art déco of the building. My room overlooked the breathtaking views of the Grand Harbour which was a wonderful treat to wake up to each morning.

The hotel has incorporated a sophisticated IT system to analyse room temperatures and electricity usage to decrease energy waste.


Not just a magnificent building, Hotel Phoenicia has a large kitchen garden which provides fresh produce for the hotel’s restaurants. Award-winning chefs use the fresh food from the garden to create a range of delicious Mediterranean dishes. Food and beverages are carefully chosen to make certain that the majority of the food served is 100% organic.


After waking up to the beautiful view of the Grand Harbour, I’d head down to the Phoenix restaurant for a scrumptious local breakfast. Phoenicia has some beautiful facilities to explore.

A stroll through the 7.5 acre garden, which boasts colour and variety, will lead you to the stunning bastion swimming pool overlooking Valletta’s impressive fortifications. This is the place to escape the hustle and bustle of the city on a sunny day. Treat yourself to a light lunch by the pool and if you’re feeling indulgent try the range of cocktails by the pool bar.


Although tempted to spend my days relaxing by the Bastion swimming pool, I ambled along the streets of the  capital to get a taste of the Maltese culture. Experiencing the laid back hustle and bustle of life in Valletta gave me a perfect insight into the charming Mediterranean lifestyle and visiting the many museums and churches offered me a healthy dose of culture and history.

Recommended for… Those looking for a luxury, cultural and a relaxing eco-friendly escape

Be aware that… During the Summer months, temperatures have known to rise to 39 degrees, so it’s important to be prepared for the heat.

‘Good’ credentials:

  • The hotel is one of the first 5 star hotels in Malta to be awarded the MTA’s international ECO- certificate
  • The hotel plants its own trees to improve air quality
  • Staff training in eco-housekeeping methods means the hotel saves 150 gallons of water per year
  • Sophisticated IT systems were installed to read energy use and location to decrease energy waste
  • LED lighting was installed everywhere and plugged to intelligent systems to deploy Room Energy Management System


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