Bloomon beautiful! Get seasonal blooms to your door

A new way to enjoy fresh flowers has arrived from the Netherlands to the UK – Goodtrippers experiences Bloomon…

We received a beautiful pick-me-up at Goodtrippers HQ this week – a beautiful fresh floral bouquet from Bloomon. This is a florist with a difference – a company that wants to reconnect us to nature, shake-up the floristry industry, innovate with style and imagination, and bring a smile to everyone’s face via the simple pleasure of receiving pretty flowers straight to your door.


Bloomon, founded by industry “rebels” (their words) Patrick, Bart and Koen, cut out the middle man by dealing direct with growers. They source their flowers from expert growers, only selecting seasonal blooms and ensuring they are picked at the best time. This ensures extra days of freshness.

Enter Anton, their floral artisan, to help design some of the most original bouquets you’ll find via a delivery service. Taking inspiration from the Scandinavian school, Bloomon bouquets make the most of individual flower and leaf shapes, colours, movement and scent. The ‘New Bohemian’ bouquet of the week that Goodtrippers received was loose and romantic, full of blues, purples and pinks including peony, rose and brodea.

unwrapping the Bloomon bouquet
unwrapping the Bloomon bouquet

We love the ‘cheeky’ branding – the recycled wrapping (extra points there) is covered with positive phrases and cute reminders about how science says that flowers trigger happy emotions. The accompanying card also waxed lyrical about ‘the butterfly effect’ which inspired the bouquet design – a reminder of how small acts of kindness, words or gestures can have a wonderful knock-on effect. This really is a ‘feel good’ florist!

Bring fresh flowers to your home – how it works

Bloomon works on a subscription model – select your preferred size (small, medium or large), choose how often (weekly, fortnightly, monthly – you can pause if you’re on holiday), select a convenient delivery time (morning, afternoon, evening), then receive your new seasonal bouquets direct to your door. Prices range from £20.95 to £31.95 and you can also request the matching hand-blown glass vase.

New Bohemian by Bloomon
New Bohemian by Bloomon

Exclusive workshops – how to design your own

This summer (July-August) Bloomon are also running a series of exclusive flower arranging workshops in London. For £25 you can learn a new skill, enjoy complimentary refreshments and take home your very own bouquet and vase. However, be quick, at time of writing workshops were almost all sold out – keep your eyes peeled for possible future dates.

For more information on Bloomon and to order your own bouquets (or buy a one-off gift), visit


Flowered Up! Chelsea Fringe blooms for 2016

There may be a rather large RHS flower show taking place in the neighbourhood this May, but this year’s Chelsea Fringe is coming up roses…

Robert Bradford, Flower Poodle, 2016 (Courtesy the artist and Rebecca Hossack Gallery)
Robert Bradford, Flower Poodle, 2016 (Courtesy the artist and Rebecca Hossack Gallery)

The 2016 Chelsea Fringe, the alternative garden festival, has plenty of quirky delights of the floral variety to keep gardeners (and non-gardeners) alike in the pink. Art, design, poetry, music, science and food with a horticultural focus will come together for three weeks of events from 21 May – 12 June across London, the UK and four international locations.

The festival expands beyond SW3 to every London quarter, the far corners of the UK including the Isle of Mull in Scotland, Monmouth in Wales, Margate, Leeds, Bristol and Henley-on-Thames in England, and internationally to Sweden, Poland, Italy and Australia.

Emerging themes for the 2016 Fringe include: health and well-being – the essential benefits of medicinal plants and gardening in battling depression and other health issues; wild food is the new street food – urban food foraging and how to spot edible plants and flowers in a city’s green spaces; a history of guerilla gardening – the importance of green spaces in urban planning and public spaces; domestic farming – how to use your garden space for small-scale food production; and the more decorative art of flower arranging – from how to make posies & table centerpieces to a floating flotilla on the Thames.

Covent Garden Flower Market (Image courtesy the Chelsea Fringe)
Covent Garden Flower Market (Image courtesy the Chelsea Fringe)

A few highlights from the festival include:

Heywood and Condie’s Greenhouse – horticultural installation artists Heywood & Condie have created a piece of sculptural architecture on the forecourt of Royal British Society of Sculptors consisting of a greenhouse constructed from discarded 18th and 19th stained glass. The Christian imagery has been dismantled and reused to present a world of chimeras, mythical creatures and folkloric hybrids. 25 May until September. FREE.

Borough Market: Find and Feast – Join urban forager, Ceri Buckmaster, on a wild food walk around Southwark and discover how to identify seasonal plants and flowers in some unexpected locations, then finish the morning at the demonstration kitchen in Borough Market and learn how to cook delicious recipes using them with chef and food blogger Celia Brooks. 27 May, 11am-2.30pm. FREE.

Perfume in Georgian Londoneast London Antique emporium, Townhouse, present a series of talks by renowned horticulturist, Stephen Nelson, focusing on the English garden and its direct link to perfume over the past four centuries. 31 May,  3-4pm. FREE.

Prescribing gardens and gardening for mental health and well-being – the British Medical Association Mind Garden presents a lecture series on medicinal plants and their health benefits. 26 May, 2 June, 9 June, 4.30 – 6.30pm. FREE.

Behind the Wall – New Covent Garden Flower Market are offering free tours behind the scenes of the UK’s largest flower market. Visitors will get to see what inspires London’s florists and learn about the market’s history. 21 May, 7 – 8.30pm, FREE.

Floral Flotilla – A fabulous show of a range of river craft covered in variety of floral displays will moor up adjacent to Mill House in Henley-on Thames. Visitors on foot can enjoy a picnic on the bank accompanied by live music by local musicians. 21 May, 11am-3pm. FREE.

For full details and all visitor information, visit