Tiipii Bed

Go glamping…at home! The Tiipii Bed reviewed

We hope you’ve spent summer camping or glamping, but now that autumn is here how can you recreate that feel at home? The ingenious Tiipii Bed may be the answer… We’ve been putting this innovative hammock through its paces.

Tiipii Bed

It’s no suprise that the Tiipii is an Australian creation (and now available to buy in the UK) – your own floating ‘chill out zone’ encourages some laid back relaxation time.

The practicalities

Best described as a cross between a hammock and a swing chair, the Tiipii Bed is surprisingly large once assembled. Thankfully, assembly is relatively easy – simply unfurl from its carry bag and feed the light-weight curved poles through the pockets until you have a rigid circular base. The Tiipii Bed is now ready to hang.

Hanging is a little trickier. Due to its size, you need it to hang so the base is at least a metre from the ground, and in a space wide enough to accommodate its 180cm base. You’ll want to be able to get a good ‘swing’ going when you’re in there so the clearer the space the better. The top of the Tiipii has an eyelet for you to attach to a sturdy chain or thick rope to hang it (the only bug bear is that the kit doesn’t include this essential piece leaving you to either buy something or scrabble about in the loft to find something suitable!).

Tiipii Bed indoors - ready for cushions, net and fairy lights
Tiipii Bed indoors – ready for cushions, net and fairy lights

Where to hang your Tiipii Bed

A small issue we had was finding somewhere safe and suitable to hang the Tiipii. Ideally, it works best outside – lying, gently swinging in the sun is what this hammock was made for. You do need a strong tree branch, pergoda or arch (don’t forget, the Tiipii Bed is designed to support more than one person and up to 170kg), and one that has the right amount of space around it.

Unfortunately, we’ve had to hang it inside (from a solid eyelet fixed in the ceiling of our garden room), but the Tiipii is still a fun and indulgent piece of ‘furniture’ to have indoors. If you wrap the mosquito net (included) around the ropes, and decorate with fairy lights, you’ve got yourself the perfect little hideaway – a way to bring some outdoor R&R indoors during the cooler months!

Tiipii Bed

A mobile ‘chill out zone’

The Tiipii Bed is surprisingly light and not at all cumbersome considering its size. It can be packed away into a small carry bag making it perfect to take on camping trips or if you’re renting a cottage or villa (just don’t forget to pack your extra bit of rope, hook or chain and hope that your destination has a suitable hanging place…).

What we’ve been up to in the Tiipii Bed…

  • Reading
  • Swinging in the sun (through the glass doors)
  • Cloud watching
  • Working on the laptop
  • Playing with the little one  (it makes a great drum!)
  • Sleeping
  • Thinking of how to hang it outside…


Verdict: We love this and think the Tiipii Bed is better than a hammock or swing chair (you can sit and lie down in this one). It’s a stylish design in attractive colours so will look good wherever you hang it. It works well both indoors and outdoors – but a slight shame that you may find hanging positions to be limited. We just know that it’s going to be hard to give it back…!

The Tiipii Bed is £199 (with £5 off if you sign-up to the newsletter) and available in natural white, taupe and green. To buy, and for more information (and envy-inducing pictures!) visit www.tiipiibed.co.uk.


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