A camping style survival guide

Guest blogger Victoria Moretti gives us her guide to camping in style…

Summer’s not quite over yet and, as Goodtrippers readers have long since known, if you can’t afford that luxury spa resort camping can be a cheap and fun alternative. For the uninitiated, ignore preconceived ideas of mingling with the great unwashed, sleeping on hard floors and dressing in grubby clothes – camping can be a slick and stylish experience when you know how!

Here’s a look at how to make your camping holiday a chic affair…

camp site at night
Gopal Vijayaraghavan, Pofu Camp – Northern Circuit, Flickr, Creative Commons Attribution

Choose a good ‘glampsite’

The number one step to nailing a stylish camping experience is to pick the right campsite – a glamping site! Glamping (or ‘glamorous camping’) is gaining ground with plenty of incredible venues to choose from up and down the UK. Instead of the traditional cramped plastic tent you can opt for a grand canvas yurt decked out with a proper bed, dining facilities and sofas.

The glamping experience is all about the finer details – things you wouldn’t expect from a camping holiday: real pillows, soft bed throws, pretty china, scented candles and even free-range eggs laid by the on-site chickens.

Of course, your budget will have a strong influence on the level of glamping you can afford, but even a basic tipi with plenty of space and an open fire is a massive step-up from a 2-man!

Get your camping fashion right

Bar festival goers, typical camping fashion doesn’t have the best reputation, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be fashionable when you’re roughing it in the great outdoors. Even the most practical garments – like anoraks and wellies – can be found on the high street in stand-out neons and funky patterns. While tents themselves have had a recent overhaul with Cath Kidston leading the way in pretty designs.

For an effortless camping look, keep things simple with a mix-and-match wardrobe that’s comfortable and elegant. Team skinny jeans or leggings with printed slogan T-shirts, layered with soft cardigans or a denim shirt. Forget hiking boots and opt instead for comfortable hi-tops or (if you’re not venturing anywhere too muddy) gladiator sandals.

When it comes to luggage, try and pack light. Opt for an easy-to-carry patterned rucksack that will not look out of place on those pub lunches but is still a practical choice when you’re rambling across the countryside laden with supplies.

Invest in a dongle

For those who can’t live without mod-cons, having to leave them behind can be the trickiest part of camping. But with digital tablets and mobile broadband an option, you don’t need to cut yourself off from the outside world for long. If you’re going on an extended camping trip, consider packing your laptop and an internet dongle so you can still make the most of the web: being able to get internet may be a welcome diversion on cold and rainy nights, or for when you want to plan which fancy restaurants to head to in advance. (Although we recommend a ‘digital detox’ to be invaluable when on holiday! – Ed.)

Camping may not be for everyone, but with a little preparation it can be done in style. Even the fanciest glamping sites may not have all of the facilities you’d expect from a 5-star hotel, so always go with an open mind and a sense of adventure!


3 thoughts on “A camping style survival guide”

  1. Do you have any glamping recommendations? Maybe a list of 10 places worth visiting? Glamorous and camping are two words I wouldn’t instantly put together so it would be great to know a few glam places to camp and what makes them glam. I love the idea of having a bed and sofa although I understand it kind of defeats the object a little bit too.

    1. Hi Diane,
      It’s definitely a blog post we’ll feature at some point as it’s so popular! We have a couple of ‘glampsites’ featured in our Good Stays section, or browse the cool camping books we’ve selected at the bottom on this post in our online bookshop

  2. Choosing a good ‘glampsite’ is one of the most important things you need to consider. You must first ensure the safety and protection of yourself and the place in order to have a worry-free activity.

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