5 Eco travel accessories for your backpack

Travel accessories are getting smarter – and ‘greener’ – by the day. If you want to enjoy an eco-friendly trip, make sure the essentials packed in your suitcase or backpack are eco-friendly too. Here are a few green suggestions to add to your packing list…(click on the images to shop direct from the page)

‘Maasai Treads’ Eco-friendly Flip-Flops by Fresh Cargo – £22

Yes, you read that right – you can now make sure your feet are clad in eco-friendly footwear! These eco-friendly flip-flops (‘Maasai Treads’ for women) are made from natural hemp with soles made from recycled tyres. Cheerful colours and comfortable.

Weleda Organic Body Wash Travel Pack – £9.95

A little too fussy and indulgent for a backpacking trip? No! A basic, no-frills overseas trip (with all the sweat, sand, saltwater and rarely washed clothing) is exactly the time to bring out a much needed ‘luxury’ pampering moment! Organic beauty leaders Weleda have created this handy travel set containing five 20ml bottles of their gorgeous smelling body washes – citrus, lavender, sea buckthorn, wild rose, and pomegranate. Suitable for vegans.

Eton Solarlink AM/FM/Shortwave Solar Crank Radio – £49.95

This rugged, splash-proof Eton portable radio is powered via the sun or a few turns on the wind-up handle. Ideal for tuning in to radio stations (to catch a glimpse of local life on-air) to while away the evenings. Its handy USB socket allows you to charge your mobile phone or mp3 player while on the go. Also has an alarm function to get you up in time for that early flight…

EarthLust Water Bottle – £19.95

A sturdy reusable water bottle, to help reduce the huge numbers of plastic bottles littering streets and filling landfill, is a travel essential. The eco-chic stainless steel versions by EarthLust are some of the most stylish we’ve seen. Available in 400ml, 600ml and 1l sizes, EarthLust bottles come in an imaginative range of nature-inspired designs (‘fish’ pictured). Each bottle is made from food grade stainless steel, designed using non-toxic paint, and comes with a BPA-free cap to ensure nothing harmful gets into your drinking water (you should still boil water or use purifying tablets in areas where it is advised). A sturdy clip allows your bottle to be attached to your belt or rucksack when on the move.

CIAK DUO Medium Notebook – £16.99

Never underestimate the value of a decent notebook on your travels. You may think it’s best to jot all your notes down on to your smartphone or laptop, but a good old fashioned paper journal will never run out of power and allows you to write, sketch and doddle all the thoughts, information and memories you collect as your trip unfurls. This very stylish duo-cover notebook is one half lined paper, one half plain with a central pocket for storing scraps of paper and receipts etc. CIAK is committed to being socially responsible and all notebooks contain eco-friendly, acid-free, recycled paper. No wonder it won an award for best notebook at the London Stationery Awards 2011 (yes, they really do have them!).

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