5 digital ways to ‘green’ your travels

With lightweight laptops, tablets and smartphones, finding advice and inspiration when travelling has never been easier. There is a wealth of apps, websites and social media platforms out there focused on eco travel advice and inspiration helping you to pick the best eco-friendly options.

But don't let digital rule your life - switch-off properly when you're away!
But don’t let digital rule your life – switch-off properly when you’re away!

However, at Goodtrippers, we’re advocates of enjoying the here and now so this post comes with our best advice – only look at your digital screen during some genuine downtime! Never miss the sights and sounds around you, even on supposedly boring car journeys, by losing precious hours to Twitter, Reddit and all the rest. Put that laptop or phone AWAY for the most part of your trip. When planning a trip before you go, and you need some advice and inspiration (that’s a little easier to access than a bulky guidebook), you can have a peek at these apps and sites…

Pinterest – What Pinterest may lack in comprehensive detail, it more than makes up for in sheer aesthetic inspiration when it comes to eco travel. Just search for “eco lodge”, “ecotourism” or ‘eco travel” and you’ll be greeted with streams of beautiful and unusual places to stay, eat or visit. With most images linked you’ll be able to find out more a particular location or hotel in no time. Start re-pinning your favourites and you’re on your way to planning your trip of a lifetime!

Ecorio app – Free to Android users, this new app helps users track their personal carbon footprint when travelling. Once you’ve set-up with your initial location, it will constantly track your carbon usage based on whether you’re travelling by bike, public transport or specific model of car. It also gives tips on public transport options available wherever you are, and ties in to the carpooling community ZimRide to help make journeys less carbon hungry.

Lonely Planet app – one of the leading travel guides and websites also has a range of very comprehensive apps for the iPhone, Android and Nokia. Even though this may be more a location guide for several countries, the Lonely Planet ethos ensures you’ll be enjoying your travels responsibly by choosing low-impact travel and respecting local cultures.

Locavore app – Available for free on the iPhone and Android, this foodie app is a must for any ‘locavore’, or lover of local, seasonal food. Wherever you are, it will list the produce in season in your area, pinpoint local farmers’ markets and shops selling fresh, local, sometime organic food. It appears quite USA-heavy at present but they are intending to build up a more comprehensive picture covering other countries as the community builds…

The Guardian: Green Travel – The Guardian has always been strong on green travel and this section of their website pulls together all of their ecotourism news and features. It’s definitely worth a thorough browse before or during your trip as one of their intrepid journalists may well have been there and reviewed it before you! From staying in treehouses, taking high-speed trains across Europe or readers tips covering everything from organic cafes to the best natural woodlands – it’s all here!

That’s just a few to get started. Let us know your favourite eco-friendly travel apps and social sites in the comments below…

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